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Electricity production and distribution

Water and sanitation

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A broad range of technical training courses

Expertise are made available to all its clients in the field of energy by means of custom
made training offers in the fields of energy.

We are available respond to your needs and personalisations with regards to the training sessions offered on our website.

Experts at your service

Sifoee's engineers are involved in research projets, auditing, assistance and consulting:

Innovative IT solutions

training simulator


The best way to train in an interactive and accelerated manner by reproducing exactly the same work environment.
Sifoee has developed 4 training simulators to date:

data collection


The system allows for on the spot collection and verification of data by using tablets or smartphones.
The collected data is optimised on a centralised storage such as on server or on the cloud, which makes them available for shared processing and analysis.

lock out tag out


Dematerialisation and management solution for the LOTO process in industrial sites. Tablets are equipped with the software and are linked through local networks for use in on-site actions.


ACCREDITATION is a solution for managing assessments and electrical accreditations according to the French NFC 18-510 standard, as well as other clearances.

community platforms


3 free web platforms to share knowledge between operators and service providers:

  •  for the production and distribution of electricity
  •  for the distribution of potable water and sanitation
  • for polyurethane equipment

smart grid


Web based application that allows for on the fly creation of an electrical network model and the real time creation of any kind of simulation: supply/demand balance, integration of renewable energy, recovery after a fault…


Sifoee develops personalised applications in line with its client’s specific professional needs.

Service, attentiveness and client satisfaction are our priority.


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