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Electric Power Transmission
Operating Simulator


Visualisation PDP
SCORE is an electric power transmission simulator. It allows for the maintenance and increase employees’ levels of competence of dispatching technicians by training them to manage and operate a network under normal or disrupted conditions. The simulator has been developed with the extensive return on experience of trainers, technicians and operators. It places the students and instructors in surroundings familiar to their dispatching.


The simulator is a tool for:

  • Training for the understanding of an electricity network
  • Practicing the specific gestures associated with the operating of an elecriticy network
  • Replay of different possible types of HV/MV incidents
  • Live training to repeat procedures and interactions between staf


The simulator is integrated into a modular architecture that comprises of at least the following elements:

  • An Instructor station allows for the introduction of faults or alarms at any point in the network, either in real time or by means of a preprogramed scenario.
  • A Student station realisticaly reproduces the DCS of the network.


The SCORE simulator allows for the trainees to be put into various situation encountered during exploitation.

Quasi-exact reproduction of the DCS interface:
  • Images of operations and of navigation mechanisms between views
  • Events log
  • Alarms log
  • Graphs

Physical simulation of the over all network:
  • Calculates the parameters of electrical information at any point in the network
  • Complete modelling of all equipment:
    • - Manually and remote controlled switches
      - Directional fault detectors
      - Safety


The SCORE simulator comes along with personalised services that allow for quick understanding and optimal usage of the simulator:

  • Development of interfaces and simulation scenarios
  • Production of teaching materials for specific training needs
  • Configuration of simulated network

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