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Nuclear training simulator
for moving fuel rods

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Simulateur KPFI
SIMU-KPFI is a nuclear training simulator designed for the application of reliability practices for nuclear fuel rod renewal. It is a software that represents the loading and unloading of reactor and fuel buildings of nuclear power plants. This support tool allows therefore, for the simulation of various operations that are carried out during the loading and unloading as well as the secure communication between the different operators and managers.


The nuclear training simulator SIMU-KPFI is made up of five tablets interconnected by a local wireless network. This allows a certain practicality:

- Simple installation: wireless connections
- VoIP voice communication system
- Mobility of the SIMU-KPFI: it fits in a briefcase


This nuclear training simulator can evolve by adding parallel applications during its operation. For example, during a training session on the SIMU-KPFI, the trainer can launch a quizz or an educational image to complement the training.

This system of tablets connected through a wireless network can also be used in a variety of other areas, from training to production.

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