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Diesel power plant

Diesel Power Plant Simulator

Simulateur conduite centrale diesel
MyDieselPowerPlant is a full scale simulator capable of reproducing the physical and electrical phenomena linked to transitions between 0% and 100% rated power in real time.

It can be adapted to the operating requirements of each plant, in this way insuring the maintenance of staff’s skills, training of new staff as well as to retrospectively analyse incidents.

The simulator is designed using the full experience of trainers, technicians and operators. It places trainees and instructors in the familiar surroundings of their plant.


The simulator is a tool that:

  • Trains in the standard operation of a diesel power plant connected to the network
  • Creates incidental situations practiced while ‘operating’. The two core incidents being the motor and the network so as to show the possible interactions between the two during abnormal operation
  • Understanding the physical phenomenon and auxiliary circuits encountered on plants of the same kind


SIGMA is installed on modular hardware architecture containing at least:

  • A Student Station
    Creates scenarios through the reproduction of operations imagary
  • An Instructor Station
    Simulation control, real-time introduction of faults and events
  • A Viewer Station
    Real-time monitoring of physical parameters
  • A Teaching and Debriefing Station
    Display of animated instructional imagery

Typical use

MyDieselPowerPlant puts trainees in an environment where they can come across the different operating phases of the power plant, namely:

  • Startup (cold start, hot start, with a fuel changeover)
  • Coupling (manuel or automatic) load management
  • Monitoring of the load
  • Faults that lead to evolution of the parametres at a fixed load
  • Faults that obstruct the start/stop sequence
  • Faults that lead to automatique FL/GO switch
  • Faults that lead to automatic shutdown of the group
  • Faults that lead to islanding
  • Situation of general shutdown
  • Operation of the plant with a partial lack of information


MyDieselPowerPlant is offered with the possibility of customization allowing for optimal use and learning:

  • Provision of an educational pack that covers the main training sessions
  • Training and coaching of instructors
  • Development of interfaces, simulation scenarios or educational support for specific training needs

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