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Simulateur formation conduite de centrale diesel

Diesel Power Plant Operating Simulator

SIGMA is a full scale simulator capable of reproducing the physical and electrical phenomena linked to transitions between 0% and 100% rated power in real time. It can be adapted to the operating requirements of each plant, in this way insuring the maintenance of staff’s skills, training of new staff as well as to retrospectively analyse incidents. The simulator is designed using the full experience of trainers, technicians and operators. It places trainees and instructors in the familiar surroundings of their plant

Reference: in Tahiti


Moving of Nuclear Fuel Rods Simulator

The “SIMU-KPFI” allows for the representation of the process of unloading and reloading of reactor and fuel buildings in a nuclear power plant. The simulator allows for the simulation of various operations that are carried out during the processes as well as the secure communication between the different operators and managers. This simulator won an innovation challenge organised by EDF.

Reference: for all of their nuclear power plants
Simulateur formation déplacement combustible nucléaire

Electric Power Transmission Operating Simulator

Electric Power Transmission Operating Simulator

SCORE is a tool designed as a training aid for the operating of the dispatching system. It allows for the maintenance and increase employees’ levels of competence by training them to manage and operate a network under normal or disrupted conditions.

Reference: Electricity of Mayotte


Alternator Operating Simulator

The simulator allows for users to learn the basic functions of an alternator: an instructive and progressive course that includes the electromagnetic field theory as well as the operation of machines that are isolated or connected to a network.
Simulateur de formation alternateur de centrale

Field monitoring software tool

Electronic Data Collection Tool
ELODIE is a mobile tool for collecting and processing information in industrial plants, production and distribution units for electricity. It insures on the spot data collection the possibility to archive information and publish reports. This mobile data collection software also allows you to share information with co-workers.

Reference: French Guyana, Electricity of Mayotte, albioma Gridup Enedis


Electronic management of lockout/tagout processes

GECO is an IT solution that covers the entire lockout/tagout workflow of industrial equipment thanks to mobile handsets. It allows for the removal of paper from the different processes, automatic printing of files and certifications and on site signatures. GECO also offers powerful search and filter features and draws on a database with lockout/tagout ranges and maneuvers. The database synchronises instantaneously enabling significant time savings when implementing new lockouts/tagouts.

Reference: albioma

Electronic management lockout/tagout processes

Software for accreditation according to the French NFC 18-510 Electricity Standard

french accreditation NFC 18-510 is a solution for managing assessments and electrical accreditations according to the NFC 18-510 standard, as well as other clearances (mechanics, CACES (driver safety certificate), driving license ...). This software, hosted on our web server allows for self-training, monitoring and evaluation of staff and the issuance and management of evaluations.

Reference: in Tahiti, Electricity of Mayotte , SMA ...


Assessment tool according to the French AIPR

Sifoee has developed an assessment tool which puts trainees in exam conditions and trains them for the government test designed for employees who do works close to electricity.

Reference :   LARO Regional Management and Côte d'Azur Regional Management


Smart grids

Smart grids is an SaaS web application that allows one to create and configure an electrical network model as well as to execute any kind of real time simulation: supply/demand balance, integration of renewable energy, recovery after a fault…

Editing the model is done through a simple and user-friendly graphic interface for quick understanding and immediate use.

The applications connectivity means that it is possible to exchange entry data and simulation results with any type of external software or connected object, thus offering a wide spectrum of uses: studies, training, decision-support, etc.


Community platforms

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