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Lockout tagout software

lockout tagout Software

GECO is a software that covers the entire lockout tagout workflow of industrial equipment thanks to mobile handsets and the companies desktops. This lockout tagout software allows for the removal of paper from the different processes, automatic printing of files and certifications and on site signatures. GECO also offers powerful search and filter features and draws on a database with lockout tagout ranges and maneuvers. The database synchronises instantaneously enabling significant time savings when implementing new lockouts tagouts.


GECO, lockout tagout software, ensures:
  • Automation of flows associated with implementation of LOTO
  • Create and print certificates automatically
  • Create and print safety labels automatically
  • Archiving and monitoring implementation of LOTO
  • Automatic printing of labels and certificates
  • Management of mother / daughter schemes
  • The management of fire permits
  • Management of floor opening
  • Management of permission to enter

lockout tagout Software features
lockout tagout Software features2


Ease of use for this lockout tagout software:
  • The user-friendliness of the man-machine interface allows quick and intuitive handling
  • The system is accompanied by a detailed technical documentation which allows a quick and optimal use

lockout tagout Software ease

Reliability and durability:
  • Ultra-rugged computer hardware for use in tough environments
  • The application is made up by means of standard and sustainable technologies

Workflow setup

lockout tagout Software architecture