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ELODIE is a field monitoring software that allows for the collection and processing of data from industrial installations. It allows for:
  • On the spot entry, of any type of data
  • Archiving of information in a database that offers a wide variety of features from sorting to multi-filter extraction
  • Publishing of reports according to personalised formats


Easy to use field monitoring software:
  • Quick and intuitive to use
  • Simple navigation and interaction with the application
  • Rapid and optimal exploitation
  • Choice of collection mode for the user: by photograph, by block diagram or by list
  • Data consistency verification system and completion of readings with the use of a colour code

  • Ultra-rugged computer hardware for use in tough environments

Mobile software field monitoring use


Field monitoring software configuration:
  • Turn-key product to be put into operation immediately
  • Software application designed with a maximum degree of configurability

Mobile software field monitoring support

  • SIFOEE goes on site to optimise users’ specific needs for their data collection and data input systems
  • After installation, SIFOEE provides comprehensive training on the systems use, administration, and on site system configuration


  • Mobile workstations (tablet, smartphone,… ) for on the spot data collection
  • Desktop computers for the consultation and processing of data and publishing of reports

Mobile software field monitoring architecture


ELODIE, field monitoring software, is based on an open structure that can integrate additional applications such as:
  • Automated work editing or intervention orders
  • Analysis over time of the change in data readings collected from various sensors

Mobile software field monitoring upgradeability